Heat Seal: Helping to Seal in Quality, Freshness, and Security with our Equipment since 1950

Heat Seal manufactures packaging equipment in Cleveland, Ohio for a variety of industries including automotive, healthy & beauty, medical, paper, food processing, laundry, and more. We specialize in manual and automated shrink and skin packaging machines, along with food service equipment. Heat Seal’s longevity in the industry has allowed us to cultivate meaningful relationships with end users and distributors that continue to help us grow and innovate our product portfolio.

The acquisition of Ampak allowed Heat Seal to become a more comprehensive packaging machinery source with a line of skin packaging, bundling, and vertical bagging machines. Then in 2021, a new partnership was made with Minipack-Torre (Italy). Minipack machines have made Heat Seal’s shrink packaging product line even more robust and well-rounded.

At Heat Seal, we strive to provide high-quality products that are built to last and we Proudly Make them in the USA.

Shari Furey

Customer Service Representative

Heather Rayas

Customer Service Representative

Stephanie Dutton

Business Manager Supermarket & Food Products

Jon Silver

Diversified Packaging Manager- West

Adam Sloat

Diversified Packaging Manager


Heat Seal LLC's HDX Stainless Steel Series Machines at Clay Center Locker Demonstrate Remarkable Cost Savings, Operational Speed, and Employee Satisfaction

June 9, 2023

Clay Center, KS – Heat Seal LLC, a leading provider of high-quality packaging solutions, is delighted to present the remarkable results of a recent case study conducted at Clay Center Locker…

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