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Heat Seal's Flagship Shrink Wrapping Machines the HDX-250 and HDX-350

In today’s fast-paced world, efficient and reliable packaging solutions are essential for a business of any size. Through continuous innovation Heat Seal’s HDX Combination Shrink Wrapping equipment continues to set the standard for reliability. The Digital PLC allows the operator to easily control speeds and temperatures to produce the perfect package. Made in the USA from the highest quality materials means long-lasting performance, low maintenance and reduced downtime. Contact us to discuss your packaging needs today.

Shrink Applications

Shrink wrap packaging offers product protection, tamper evidence, visibility and is a cost effective solution across a wide variety of industries and products.

Skin Packaging

Skin packaging involves placing a product on a backer card and covering it with a transparent plastic film, this process provides product protection, immobilization, and visibility.

Manual Overwrapping

Overwrapping establishes a protective shield against air, moisture, and contaminants, with one of its primary advantages being the preservation of freshness. Manual overwrapping is also prevalent in the hospitality sector to wrap linens to keep them together and dust free.

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