Why One-Step? Chamber Machines Make Shrink Wrapping Accessible

Shrink wrapping can quickly turn into an expensive endeavor. From using a heat gun on shrink wrap to fully automatic setups, the price skyrockets. When you’re looking to start shrink wrapping for your small business, where do you even start?

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On your journey to shrink wrapping, you might discover that it requires more equipment than you realize. All shrink wrapping requires a proper film, a bag maker (usually an L-Bar sealer), and a heat source. Even with a heat gun and the right film, you still need equipment to make your bags. While it is possible to manually perform every step in the shrink wrapping process, it can take minutes to package a single product. Your business might be able to get by–but your valuable time is better spent helping your business grow–not making packages.

Your valuable time is better spent helping your business grow

Introducing HSE 30 & 50

Our chamber shrink wrap models are an l-bar sealer plus heat tunnel all in one! These machines are designed to be intuitive and friendly for anyone beginning shrink wrapping. Everything is made to be as easy as possible for the user–from perforator rolls to give your film a better shrink, to magnetic latches that assist in the sealing process. HSE 30 & 50 offer:

  • Small Footprint: each machine covers a small square footage in your facility. HSE 30 can even be put on a tabletop to save more space.
  • All-In-One: everything you need for shrink wrapping in one machine. L-bar sealer, heat chamber, and film perforators all built-in.
  • Programmable: adjust settings on the fly for different products with 10 programmable presets
  • Warranty: HSE 30 & 50 are covered by our 2-year warranty
  • Support: backed by dedicated technical expertise and service network

I am really happy with the quality and ease of use! It was EXACTLY what we needed.

Lauren, Apple Works Orchard
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