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Welcome to Energy Smart®


Heat Seal stands behind all of equipment. We want to make sure that you have all the support you need to be successful. This page is dedicated providing guidance on properly operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting your Energy Smart® equipment. 

We're so excited that you've purchased one of our Energy Smart® wrappers. The innovative technology that you have acquired will prove beneficial not only to both you and your customers but, also to the industry at large. Congratulations on being at the forefront of the revolution!

On a percentage basis, the Energy Smart® savings represent a 75% to 85% reduction in the energy consumed per unit per hour. That means your store could be saving $300 annually for the life of an Energy Smart® Wrapper. 

The Energy Smart® technology was developed to provide directionally focused, on-demand heat to the package to seal the film. This was to meet the productivity and quality needs of the customer and to create a more energy efficient seal plate. The seal plate accelerates from ambient temperature to 350º F in 3 seconds or less. This technology allows associates to meet productivity demands while at the same time only consuming energy when needed to seal a package.

UTILITY REBATES AVAILABLE - In addition to saving money on energy costs, rebates are available for the Energy Smart Wrappers in many markets. Contact your utility representative and ask about custom rebate programs, provide the Southern California Edison Report. We've seen rebates from $40-200 per unit. If you have any questions about rebates, please contact Heat Seal for assistance: (216)-341-2022 or email


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  Reports:  Southern California Edison Report


Energy Smart® Table Top Wrapper - 700ES
Energy Smart® Floor Model Wrapper - 200ES
Energy Smart® Scalemate Wrapper - SM20ES

  Payback Tools: Calculate ES Savings by kWh Pricing & Estimated kWh Energy Costs by State 16

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Energy Smart® vs Conventional Technology




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Series B Overwrapper Improvements

Ahold ES Wrapper
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Kroger ES Wrapper
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The cradle mount system makes film changeover faster and easier than the axle mount systems with no initial assembly needed. The new cradle mounts have been designed and tested to use every inch of film down to the core!

Cradle Mount Photo Eye Table Top: 700ES

Cradle Mount Photo Eye Floor Model: 200ES

energy efficient hand wrap machine NEW Cradle Mount 200ES Series B

A staple in supermarket meat departments, hand wrap machines have been used for over 60 years to create clear, leak resistant packages for cuts of meat, seafood, produce and cheese. Old style units are using energy constantly, typically 24/7. Using Heat Seal's innovative on-demand sealing technology, the Energy Smart® units tested show that the wrapper reduces energy consumption by 80%. Energy is consumed by the seal plate only when store associates need to seal a package. The new units provide significant energy conservation by no longer requiring the seal plate to be energized throughout the day. Take your commitment to energy conservation out of the operator's hands and make saving energy simple with Energy Smart® wrappers.

Don't take our word for it, experience it for yourself, we'd be happy to send you a test unit. 

Contact Stephanie at (216) 341-2022 ext. 208 or email for more information.