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HDX2000 System | HDX 2000 System

Product Overview

Complete system comes with a fully integrated infeed conveyor which transfers product at just the right pitch and speed to maximize the potential of this shrink packaging system. 

The automatic HDX2000 L-Bar sealer advances the package into the film with variable speed AC drive conveyors.

Schneider Electric Control Package; components available worldwide.

L-Bar sealer seals and cuts the film with a brushless servo-driven seal bar that controls;

+ The jaw opening, to minimize travel for small product, maximize for tall.

+ The jaw speed, slower to protect fragile items, fast for standard item.

+ The jaw pressure, to seal and cut a broad range of films.

+ Motorized movement of seal height and inverting head height.

Application parameters stored for automatic setup and changeover.

Finished with a matching TX5218 high-speed dual chamber shrink tunnel.

All Electric – no compressed air required.

Available with a model IC1572 staging belted infeed conveyor or a model FIC1772 staging flighted conveyor, both with a variable speed drive, as well as other shrink tunnel configurations.

Schneider Electric PLC and Controls, available worldwide.

Variable Speed AC Motors for accurate, repeatable product placement including closing conveyor (short product) and belt reversing (tall product).

Motorized Automatic Package Size Adjustments with memory storage provides fast product changeover – upload product photo for settings selection.

Brushless Servomotor Seal Jaw with Adjustable Opening, speed and pressure to customize seal jaw motion to package characteristics.

Seal area 15.5” x 23” x 9.5” high.


For a Product Demo contact the Heat Seal Industrial Sales Team, 800-342-6329 ext. 5

Machine Specs & Options

Seal Area: 15.5” W, 23” L (400mm W, 600mm L)
Film Capacity: 27.5” W, 11.75”OD (700mm W, 300mm OD)
Conveyor Speed: VARIABLE 20 – 100 FPM (6-30 mpm)
Production Rate: 0 – 60 PPM, Dependent upon product and film size
Maximum Product Dimension: 23.5” L, 15.5” W, 9.25” H (600mm L, 400mmW, 240mmH) Maximum dimensions cannot be used simultaneously
Power Requirements: 208-240 VAC, SINGLE PHASE, 15A
Conveyor Height: 34.25” TO 36.25” (870mm TO 920mm)
Overall Dimensions: 100” L, 49” W, 62” H (2518mm L, 1240mm W, 1558mm H)
Weight: 1265 Lbs. (573 Kg)


  • HDX2000 Features

    HDX2000 Features