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Hot Plates | Table Top Hot Plates

Product Overview

Easily portable, these compact table top hot plates are easy to store when not in use.  

  • Completely Portable and Easy to Store When Not in Use
  • Adjustable Thermostat 100F to 450F, Constant Heat Evenly Distributed
  • Constructed of Heavy Duty Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Non-stick Replaceable Cover Eliminates Film From Sticking to Work Surface and is Easily Replaceable
  • Can Be Used for a Wide Variety of Applications Including Heat Shrinking of Small Packages
  • Also Used as a Food Warmer in Lunch Rooms and Cafeterias.
  • Large Sturdy Rubber Feet
  • Available in 9" x 12" and 6" x 9"
  • Made in the USA

Machine Specs & Options

General Questions

How to properly overwrap packages


  1. Place package to be wrapped in the center of the package rest. Using both hands, grasp film at outer edges and with an even, steady, outward motion pull toward yourself enough film to fit over and around the entire package to be wrapped.
  2. Place film over package and tuck under around 2 inches of film along the edge farthest from you. As you tuck the film, begin to pull the package towards you. At this time the package will be enclosed within the film. Please note that when you pull the film towards you that the proper film tension and most of the wrinkles have been removed before sealing package.
  3. Hold turned under film in place and using both hands, place the package on the hot plate to make the first seal. During this step the cut-off rod automatically softens the film so that it will separate from the film roll.
  4. Lift the wrapped package and tuck under the excess film on the sides of the package to make a tight package and then run across the hot plate to make the final seal. Note that the unused film from the roll should be resting on the cut-off rod waiting for the operator to wrap the next package.

View our YouTube video on the setup and operation:



Hot plate is smoking

When an overwrapper is brand new, the element might burn off an excess of the protective coating.  This should last no longer than 10-15 minutes.

Hot plate is cold

Check element then thermostat.

Replace hot plate heating element, if necessary.


Changing the Non-stick Replaceable Cover

  • The Non-stick Replaceable Cover is not attached.
  • When the unit is cooled down, just pull the cover off.