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Heavy Duty Semi-Automatic | Model HDX1721

heavy duty L Bar Sealers 17 inch by 21 inch
  • heavy duty L Bar Sealers 17 inch by 21 inch
  • heavy duty L Bar Sealers 17 inch by 21 inch

Product Overview

Our heavy duty L bar sealer HDX1721 has a hot knife seal system and TWO year warranty, with a 17 inch by 21 inch seal area.

Heat Seal is happy to provide samples of your product packaged on our machines, please contact your sales rep for more information.

  • Control Panel
  • Conveniently positioned, RS-5 Plus Digital Controller with Three Year Warranty on Original Machine Controller Heavy_duty_mini_icon
  • Single Plug 115V power supply
  • Sealing Area
  • Hot Knife Exact Seal System with Multiple Profile Options
  • Cast Aluminum Seal Head with Stainless Film Clamps
  • Balanced Magnetic Hold Down for Strong, Consistent Seals
  • Large 17" W x 21" L Seal Area Heavy_duty_mini_icon
  • FDA Approved, Self Tracking, Polyurethane, Sealing Conveyor with 4" Adjustable Height
  • Other Features
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Individually Adjustable Perforating Wheels
  • Stainless Steel Product Loading Tray
  • Stainless Steel Model Available

Machine Specs & Options

Film Capacity 22” Wide (56 cm)
L Bar Seal Area   17” W, 21” L
Overall Dimensions 52” L, 32” W, 56”H 
Working Height 38” (96 cm)
Weight  350 lbs. (159 kg)
Power Requirements  115 Volts, 15 Amp 


  • 220V Electrical Wiring
  • Powered Film Unwind with Perforating Roller and 6" Adjustable Inverting Head ico_question
  • Stainless Steel Construction (HDX1721) ico_question
  • Left Hand Reverse Flow ico_question
  • Stand Alone Power Scrap Wind-Up
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Export Crating ico_question

General Questions

What is an RS-5 Plus controller and what are the benefits?

*The RS-5 Plus Replaces the RS-3 Controller*
  • The RS-5 Plus is a programmable electronic controller designed to control an L Sealer or Combination Shrink System. The RS-5 Plus is setup to control several machine configurations through the digital keypad. The controller can be configured to control either impulse or hot knife L Sealers equipped with or without a shrink tunnel.
  • The RS-5 Plus controls: Seal Time, Side & Front Seal Temp, Seal Conveyor Run Time, Seal Conveyor Speed, Tunnel Conveyor Speed, Tunnel Temperature, Cycle Count, and Heated Hole Punch. 
  • Benefits of the RS-5 Plus Digital Controller:
    • Intuitive User Interface - Easy to use and understand control screens
    • Control Assurance - Precise, accurate digital settings
    • Durable and Robust - Heavy Duty Controller for high volume usage with repeatable results
    • Reliable - Precise PID temperature controls provide the most consistent operating temperature
    • Universal - Common controller across multiple Heat Seal machines
    • Certified - Meets UL 508A Standards
    • All with an Industry First - THREE Year Warranty on the machine’s original controller

How to thread film on L Sealers

  1. Place a roll of centerfold film on the film unwind rollers with the open side of the film facing the operator and thread the lower side of the film underneath the package tray.
    • (Refer to the threading diagram on the .pdf and on the film guide)
  2. Place a product to be wrapped on the package tray near the sealing area.
  3. Loosen the knobs under the film rollers and position the film rack so that the folded side of the film is in line with the back edge of the product to be wrapped.
  4. Re-tighten the knobs to hold the film rack position in place.
  5. If the correct width of film is being used, this position will provide an adequate amount of film across the front of the sealing area.
  6. This is a starting position and adjustments can be made to provide the appropriate amount of film around the package for shrinking and conservative use of the film. Discard the unused film when done.

How to set the Impulse Controls

  1. Set Seal Control at: 07
  2. Set Trim Dial at: 7
  3. Set Cool (Dwell) at: 1 or 2
  4. Seal first package.
  5. If the first seal is not satisfactory, wait five (5) minutes, then increase seal control setting to a higher level.
  6. Seal another package, if the seal is not satisfactory then, repeat step five until a satisfactory seal is achieved.
  7. Now, seal packages at a normal production rate and then if the seal deteriorates, stop packaging for five (5) minutes and then increase trim setting one-quarter of a digit.
  8. Repeat step 7 until all your seals are consistent.
    • NOTE: Trim control normally should not be set any higher than eight (8) for routine packaging. If a higher setting appears to be required, repeat step two increasing the seal setting. Balance between seal and trim control is essential for consistent seal performance.
  • TROUBLESHOOTING: If first package has poor seals, adjust seal control to the first seal satisfaction. If that is not possible, the problem can be isolated to seal arm pressure, seal pad or seal wire condition.

Application Data

Your Heat Seal sales rep may require an application data sheet and product samples for certain applications.  Please contact your Heat Seal rep for questions or concerns.