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Skin Packaging | Master Skin Machine

Product Overview

The Master skin packaging machine is a large format industrial size skin packager.

Heat Seal is happy to provide samples of your product packaged on our machines, please contact your sales rep for more information.

  • Control Panel
  • PLC with Color HMI Controls
  • Adjustable Pre-Heat, Heat And Cool Package Time Functions
  • Heating Oven
  • Stationary Oven With Safety Guard
  • Patented Spirad Instant-On Heating Elements
  • Adjustable Oven Height
  • Sealing Platform
  • Variable Speed Turbine Vacuum System
  • Pneumatic Film Frame Drive
  • Hot Wire Cutoff
  • Other Features
  • Spindle Film Roll Holder
  • Multiple Platen Sizes: 24" - 36" Wide, 30" - 72" Long
  • One Year Warranty

Machine Specs & Options

Platen Size: From 24” by 30” to 36” by 72” (From 64 cm by 76 cm to 91 cm by 183 cm)
Platen Clearance: Factory Adjustable 9”-20” (23-51 cm); Standard Setting 19” (48 cm)
Platen Height: 40” (102 cm)
Film Capacity: From 26” to 38” Depending on Model (66 cm to 97 cm)
Overall Dimensions: Depending on Model
Power Requirements: 220 Volt (Amps Depend on Size) Three Phase
Air: 0.1 cfm @ 80psi
Vacuum: (A) 1, 2, or 3 Hivac Turbine Vacuum Motors 96 cfm, 6.5” Hg. each
Weight: Depending on Model

  • Turbine Vacuum 24” W, 24” L (MP-2424)
  • Turbine Vacuum 24” W, 30” L (MP-2430)
  • Turbine Vacuum 24” W, 36” L (MP-2436)
  • Turbine Vacuum 30” W, 36” L (MP-3036)
  • Turbine Vacuum 30” W, 48” L (MP-3048)
  • Turbine Vacuum 36” W, 36” L (MP-3636)
  • Turbine Vacuum 36” W, 48” L (MP-3648)
  • Turbine Vacuum 36” W, 54” L (MP-3654)
  • Turbine Vacuum 36” W, 60” L (MP-3660)
  • Turbine Vacuum 36” W, 72” L (MP-3672)
  • Non Contact Film Temperature Sensor
  • Automatic Film Frame (Standard on MP-3048 and larger) ico_question
  • Automatic Platen Lift (MP) ico_question
  • Automatic Infeed And Outfeed Electrical Interface ico_question
  • Special Electrical For 440-480 Volts
  • Special Size Film Frame Insert And Platen
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Export Crating for MP2436 ico_question


  • Skin Packaging System with Rotocut die cutter

  • Master Skin Machine MP5090

    A Master skin machine, skin packaging a windsheild on a 50 by 90 skin packager.

General Questions

What is skin packaging and how does it work?

  • The skin packaging is a process in which heated film is draped over a product and onto a substrate, and a vacuum is utilized to draw the film down onto the package, creating a secure and attractive package.
  • The skin package consists of: skin film, a heat activated coating on the film or the substrate, and a subtrate, either paperboard or corrugated.
  • Heat Seal's Ampak division manufactures skin packaging machines Thrifty Pack, Shipmate, and the Master.
  • To finish the process, die cut machines are often used to create an attractive package to display or transport.  Ampak also manufactures automatic and semi-automatic die cutters: Rotomatic and Rotocut.

What are the benefits of skin packaging?

Skin Packaging:
  • Provides lock down product protection
  • Provides full product visibility
  • Contours to the shape of the product
  • Secures loose products to the board, preventing lost kit parts
  • Is great for hanging hook displays
  • Reduces the need for protective packaging fillers, thus making it an economical packaging option

Application Data

Your Heat Seal sales rep may require an application data sheet and product samples for certain applications.  Please contact your Heat Seal rep for questions or concerns.



The film is not adhering to the substrate

  • If using adhesive treated film, make sure the film is threaded with the adhesive coating facing the product and the substrate.
  • If using adhesive backed card, make sure the adhesive is facing up.  
  • Make sure the film is heated so that it falls below the film frame about 1" before being drawn onto the film.
  • If these do not work, contact your local Heat Seal distributor, or film supplier.

How do I get rid of wrinkles on the final package?

  • Wrinkles, or excess film, is often caused because the film was heated for too long.  
  • Depending on the height of the product off of the substrate, the film should heat until it is approximately 1 inch below the flim frame before being drawn down on the product.