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Skin Applications

Film is heated and draped over the product, a vacuum then draws the film tightly around the product to secure it to a board.

With skin packaging machines, products are skin packaged to a substrate card with a sheet of transparent film, which is softened with heat and vacuum sealed over the product and card. Skin packaging provides lock down product protection, product visibility and tamper evidence.

A lower cost packaging option, skin packaging is often used to display products and protect products during shipping and processing. Following the skin packaging process, die cutting is added as a finishing option. Often times, multiple products are skinned to one card and then die cut into individual packages.


Ampak Skin Packaging Product Line:

  View some applications on YouTube:


Below are several examples of skin packaging applications. For a printable copy of some Skin Packaging Examples, see our Skin Application Examples.


Product: Magnetic medical components

Packaging: 1/8” Blue polyurethane foam as board; 7.5 Mil Blue polyethylene skin film

Benefit: Not only provides cushioning but folds easily for shipping


Product: Electrical motor contactors

Benefit: Reduce overall packaging and dunage

Product: Ready to ship bake ware

Packaging: Shipmate carton—skin board and carton all in one 10 Mil Polyethylene skin film

Benefit: Ready to ship, providing good product protection



Product: Packaging modular office components

Packaging: 50” x 90” Frame Size Edges of board folded and stapled to form bottom of box Cores added for column strength

Benefit: Ready to ship, eliminates dunage, and missing components




Product: Drain Kits for diesel engines

Benefit: Previously bagged, boxed, and shipped with complaints about lost fasteners, fit-tings, etc.

Reduced customer complaints and eliminates missing components




Product: Transmission and power gasket repair kits

Benefit: Prevents loss of components




Product: Restaurant table support kits

Packaging: 30” x 48” Frame & board size

Benefit: Prevents loss of hardware and damage to components



Product: Retail packaged items

Packaging: Skin packaged to printed skin paper board and die cut.

Benefit: High visibility, lock-down protection, maximum retailer display



Product: Replacement automotive windshields

Packaging: Skin packaged to corrugated sheet that folds and suspends glass in shipping container.

Benefit: Eliminates shipping breakage


Die Cutting on Rotocut & Rotomatic

The die cutting system-
• reduce dunnage
• economical
• retail packaging
• kit parts