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The ScaleMate® is designed to integrate scale and labeling systems with the overwrapping process.

Heat Seal's ScaleMate® hand wrap machines are designed to accept scales, load cells, printers and other accessories for your weighing, labeling and packaging needs.  Whether it's a the new Energy Smart® ScaleMate® or a conventional ScaleMate®, learn more about the accessory options below to configure your scale system. 




Printer Post - Recently redesigned - coming soon!  Mounted to either the left or the right onto the base machine, dual collars allow for adjustable height, and articulating arm for ergonomic positioning.  Feed cords through the posts to keep cords out of the way. Our most flexible scale mounting option. (Only available on Energy Smart® ScaleMate. Cannot be used with All Purpose Shelf)

  Surface Dimension: 17" square with 1/4" lip



All Purpose Shelf - Recently redesigned - coming soon! Center mounted shelf which can hold a scale/printer, label dispenser or storing of other items.  Additional bends added for increased strength when holding scale/printer and holes for cord pathing.  Great for space constrained departments. (Cannot be used with Printer Post or Label Dispener Stand)

  Overall Dimensions: 24.25" wide x 16.5" deep
  Flat Surface Dimensions: 24.25" wide x 14.75" deep

  Part Number: 6430172 


Label Dispenser Stand - Holds our PS-20 label dispenser, which accepts (20) 1" wide rolls of labels and can be configured to hold 3" wide or other label widths.  Typically paired with standard and hooded wings.  (Cannot be used with All Purpose Shelf or Printer Post)



8" x 15" Seal Plate - The larger seal plate allows for larger "family pack" trays.